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Hello, I’m Mike. A documentary photographer based in Dunedin, New Zealand, where I’m raising & growing a family with my beautiful wife.

Michael once worked as both a Graphic Designer and a Signwriter but is now better known as a local Dunedin photographer. He is also performing photographic duties in his role as “Ophthalmic Photographer” in the Eye Department, Dunedin Hospital.

He is a Father, husband & brother. He wishes he could surf more, can kinda still ride a skateboard and has just picked up the ukulele for the first time ever, something he wishes he did years ago.

Documentary photography for me is a style of photography which aims to capture and document real-life events, situations, or milestones in an artistic manner with Honesty, Love & Respect.

I love 35mm black & white film photography. It isn’t flashy. It isn’t easy and It’s not convenient. You have to work at it. This kind of photography takes patience, luck and practice. + Projects

A compulsive Street Photographer, he believes in taking one’s time, slowing down and engaging with people on the street. He believes digital cameras & Photoshop have changed the way people make images and prefers in his spare time to shoot analog-film cameras.  These cameras allow him to “Stay in the Moment”, instead of constantly checking the rear LCD and editing, maybe missing moments, while life is unfolding.

He dreams of downsizing, publishing something memorable and living somewhere warm with good food and great surf. Find out more about him on  Social Media.